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Bio medical waste

If one thing is clear after the onset of Ebola in the last year, what we as a nation were not prepared. Indeed, it is a deadly infectious disease that requires a high level of preparation at every stage of the process. An often overlooked step the patient's attention to the disposal of medical waste Ebola biological risk. From 4000-5000 hospitals residing in the United States, only half of them are really ready to take on Ebola patient.

Experts and waste service environment (SVE) have teams dedicated to monitoring and controlling the disposal of medical waste in health crisis. What was once a time, the reagent of the department has become a well-oiled machine to combat epidemics. Brian Frislie, director of environmental health services at Emory, played a key role in the Ebola crisis, in particular the sale of 4.5 tonnes of waste Ebola Hospital of Emory University . With over 30 years of experience and having worked with the CDC, the World Health Organization and the White House, Frislie revealed three basic classes of the world have learned:

Find out how prepared your hospital is- it is important to understand the current level of preparation in the hospital. Check consumables, but also check the delivery of its suppliers to stay ahead. Try to keep the EVS team is small, as in the case of an epidemic, the staff is at a high risk level. Small teams are easier to control.

Drills - staff Preparing for Ebola patient through the exercises. Use it to keep track of the amount of waste can potentially be generated and where it goes.

Communication - contact other hospitals in your area to see what their contingency plan for Ebola patients. Try to find cracks and flaws in its own plane. Focus on providing other hospitals use to compare with their own.

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